Innovation ACT (IACT) 2015: Workshop Week #1

Innovation ACT (IACT) is an initiative operated by the Australian National University (ANU) and is both sponsored and supported by a number of public entities here in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

The concept behind IACT is to encourage local entrepreneurship culture amongst students, post graduates and newly commenced professionals in the region. Participants involved in the IACT program will commence a 5 week workshop program to learn how to form teams and create their own business model. The team with the most viable business model at the end of the workshops will win $50k funding capital to start-up their venture.  Mentor-ship from industry professionals are also provided during the workshops.

Powerpoint workshop/ seminar at CBRIN

Agenda for Saturday 15th August 2015

9am – Arrival and registration followed by ‘Meet and Greet’ with other participating individuals and existing teams.

10am (approx.) – Official welcome and start of the workshop sessions.

Note taking and doodles
Note taking and doodles

10am to 1pm – Exercises that involved group discussions and worksheets being completed with your potential team members.

1pm – 2pm – Lunch break

2pm – 3pm – First practice pitch from all participating teams with their potential ideas and business ventures.

Exercises and worksheets
Exercises and worksheets


At first, I wasn’t too sure whether this was the type of ‘workshop’ for me. Being a creative student I thought such seminars were more finance and economics focused. However, as the day progressed, I realised that IACT is actually an all industry inclusive program. The main criteria (but not the sole one) is that you are a student in Canberra wanting to learn about starting your own business. Most participants enter into the competition with limited knowledge about the logistics and processes of establishing a new venture. Meaning everyone starts off on the same par.

Although today was quite intensive I really got a lot out of it. Being a free program I guess it doesn’t hurt for me to lose a couple of my Saturdays to network and pick up a few extra skills.


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