Innovation Act (IACT) 2015: Workshop #3

Agenda – Customer/ User Journey and Needs of Customers

PowerPoint/ Workshop seminar at CBRIN
PowerPoint/ Workshop seminar at CBRIN

In Innovation Act(IACT) 2015: Workshop Week #2 we covered the topics ‘Vision’, ‘Branding’ and ‘Pitching’. This week we ‘kicked-off’ the session with competing teams practice pitching to the audience. Everyone was given one minute to explicate their business idea (which is a challenge in itself), and I felt that the most effective ‘Pitches’ answered the following questions:

  • Who you are (ie. business name, industry etc.)?
  • What is your product/ service?
  • Who are you targeting (ie. customers, persona)?
  • Why is your product/ service relevant to your target market (ie. summary of problem you want to address etc.)?
  • How do you intend to deliver your product/ service to customers (ie. online sales, Expo, B2B marketing etc)

Some of the teams actually included forecast of their budget, production quantity, networks and contacts in their ‘Pitches’ which made their explication seem more credible.


Worksheets and notes
Worksheets and notes

After the practice ‘Pitches’, our session moved onto some worksheet exercises. These worksheets were actually provided to us in the first week of ‘Innovation ACT 2015’ but during that time venture ideas and teams were yet to be formally established (‘IACT Toolkit 01: The Business Model Canvas’  worksheet and ‘IACT Toolkit 03: Customer Trading Card’ worksheet). However, now in the third week teams re-visited the sheets and now have a better understanding of what their products/ services are and who they are trying to attract. You can find the worksheet resources here (please note that some of the resources are not available as of yet).


 ‘IACT Toolkit 07: Customer Journey’ Worksheet

Now that we have identified our customers, we had to work out the following:

  •  What ‘Tasks’ were required to reach our customers and raise awareness with them of our product/ service/ brand (ie. face-to-face meetings, Facebook advertising and word of mouth etc).
  • What existing and/ or potential ‘Obstacles’ were there that can hinder our progress (ie. look-alike competitors/ products/ services, lack of traffic to website etc); and finally,
  • What ‘Expectations’ did we have for our customers to engage with our venture (ie. ‘Retweets’/ ‘Shares’, sales purchase etc).


I think this week was more of a reflection of what I have done thus far into ‘Innovation ACt 2015’. Being able to re-visit old ideas and then sharing them with my peers assisted with the process of formalising future tasks and strategies. Nothing more said at this stage because I am still ‘chewing’ over what we were learning today! I barely walked at all today but still felt like I climbed a dozen flight of stairs!


Information on Innovation ACT 2015, see links below: 

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Coffee Cup Packing Illustration by
Coffee Cup Packaging Illustration by
Coffee Cup Packing Illustration by


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