Original Poem #4: ‘The Little Girl’

‘The Little Girl’

 The little girl was brought up in a house of flowers

Grew up dancing with wolves

Learnt how to start fires

Cried without every being soothed.

The little girl always wore that same dress

With them same shoes

She won’t change, unless

Everybody else chooses to.

The little girl never remembered dates

Only knew of ‘Today’

For ‘Tomorrow’ she couldn’t bear to wait

Nor could she bear to stay.

The little girl ran away to the Spring

Winter inspired a baron reason

She chose to be a fruitful being

Even in a temporal season.

Carrying her own tune and song

Running after the Season, kicking up dirt

Creating behind a menacing storm

Because, behind, in the past is where she hides her hurt.

Not knowing how to express with words

She chases after the ‘Day’

Like a once captive bird

Fleeing to the sky, paving her own way.

                                                          – N-G (2015)


 © Tracy Ng (N-G). All rights reserved.

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