Succulent but not delicious

Someone once told me that before you set yourself on a journey to finding your significant other and start a family, there is a simple check-list to mark off:

  1. Get a pot plant/ gardening and look after your flora. If it survives then you upgrade and…
  2. Acquire a pet animal and look after your fauna. If it survives then you can comfortably move on to…
  3. Finding your significant other and look after them. If both your partner and yourself are happy with each other then…
  4. Perhaps you can plan to start a family

However, this is of course just a ‘novelty’ check list compiled by some person/s somewhere who probably wants us to take social relationships more seriously. None the less I have decided to start with ‘Step 1’.

IMG_20160127_115153 ps editted

I decided to use old champagne corks to act as a pot for my plant (succulent variety). Succulents are a good hardy plant that requires little water most of the days in the year. The variety that I have at home don’t require the planting of their whole roots in order to grow. By cutting off a leaf from the main succulent plant the leaf can grow on its own once planted in the soil.

IMG_20160127_115213 ps editted

I then bathed the corks in water for a few hours before letting it dry and then boiled them in hot water for under 10 minutes. I read somewhere that by boiling the corks it not only expands the material but makes it less susceptible to crumbling.

Following, I carved the inside of the cork to make enough room for some soil and my succulent leaf to fit in.

IMG_20160126_123455 ps editted

I originally planted my first leaf in my cork pot but discovered that it was already in the middle of wilting. So I had to replant a newer cut into it.

IMG_20160127_112409 ps editted

I am hoping that in another 2 weeks I may start seeing some obvious signs of grow. Wish me luck.

Disclaimer: I am an amateur gardener and I only really tend the garden 3-4 months in a year (during warmer weather). This particular post is based solely on my experience with this succulent variety of plants. Results may vary, additionally I don’t even know if this will actually work for me. A fun little side project none-the-less.


©Tracy Ng (N-G). All rights reserved.


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