Digital Print Designs – ‘Daniel 7:4’ (2016)

Disclaimer: I purposely left some of my images in this blog pix-elated to deter others from infringing on my copyright.

I am in the middle of creating some sample scarf prints as gifts to my friends. I thought it would be a great way to hone in on some ‘Photoshop’ and ‘Illustrator’ skills while I am at it.

The inspiration for this piece was a verse from the Bible, Daniel 7:4. My very early sketch of the work wasn’t very comprehensive but it gave me the basis on where I was heading:

IMG_20160126_140128 ps editted

But towards the end I had to tone down the design more to ensure that the work looked harmonious and balanced.

I incorporated some of my old illustrations work ,’Dove’ (2015) and ‘Heart’ (2016) into it as well.

‘Dove’ drawing documentation can be found here and ‘Heart’ drawing documentation can be found here.


I also drew a ‘Lion’ as well but it ended up looking like a Pekingese dog instead.


Though not very fearsome looking at first I treated the illustration in ‘Photoshop’ and ‘Illustrator’ to assist in my bringing out the more fearsome side of the beast.

I preferred the inverted look of the illustrations most so decided on white subjects on a black background. I enhanced the qualities of the lion’s mane more by making it look more voluminous, like a luxurious perm. Following I ‘Photoshop’ copied my dove’s right, left and tail wings off of its main body then played with wing composition around the lion’s head.

Following, I added colour to my heart by creating a transparent layer of the original illustration,in order to paint an under layer of colours for it.

In my sketches I wanted to have the heart encased within the head and mane of the Lion’s  so I created another layer of  hair/mane but darkened it to show some contrast.

I had three variations of the same work thus far (from left to right Variation 1, 2 and 3):

At this stage the work looked somewhat incomplete, like something was missing. I decided to add my custom typeface into the background of the work.

You can find my type on my Behance here and my type experimentation is also here.

And finally…


I decided on ‘Variation 3’.

Daniel 7.4 editted
‘Daniel 7:5’ (2016) printed on Canvas material via ‘SpoonFlower’


n-G traced inverted

©Tracy Ng (N-G). All rights reserved.



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