'Aesthetic Wallpaper' by Tracy Ning

‘Aesthetic No.8′ + Wallpaper’

This is a personal poster series that mainly focuses on the aesthetic and abstract presentation of a digital artwork. The posters are essentially inspired by glitch art and ‘MTV-style’ graphics:

Source: http://www.superpixel.sg/mtvasia-musicevolution/

This visual style is not necessarily functional on its own, however, it definitely communicates a certain vibe and appeal to a particular group of audience. The style is both stimulating yet unidentifiable. My versions of the posters were produced in Adobe Illustrator with the ‘Blending Option’ tool. I finished the works in Photoshop just to overlay the design elements together for a more wholesome ‘blob-look’.


'Aesthetic No.8' By Tracy Ning
‘Aesthetic No.8’ By Tracy Ning
'Aesthetic Wallpaper' by Tracy Ning
‘Aesthetic Wallpaper’ by Tracy Ning

You can check out more of my works on my website.

If you need some daily creative inspirations then check out my Instagram feed.


©Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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