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Class Blog No.1 – Blogging Platforms

This week our class subject ‘Author Interactive Media’, students were tasked to research various blogging platforms. The advantages of maintaining a blog is that the activities conducted by the business may be shared at a consistent frequency in order to keep content relevant and progressive for the audience to observe.

This post will cover the following blogging platforms:

Commonly used blogging platforms:

Blogspot – I first used this platform back in college (2009) as a class exercise and at the time ‘blogging’ was slowly being picked up by large-scale corporate businesses but were still mostly used by hobbyists. Although that stigma haven’t changed too much, there is a trend for businesses now to establish blogs as a way to create immediacy and engage their audiences.


WordPress – I first discovered ‘WordPress’ back in 2015 through a DIY/ Craft magazine. This blogsite was highly recommended as one of the more easier to use blogging platforms that was able to streamline most of your social media accounts into one central point.


Tumblr – I have a ‘Tumblr’ account mainly because most of my creative idols have one. Although this particular blogging/ social media platform have an estimated of +30 Million users, many of the blog contents tend to be varied.


Social media platforms:

Instagram – Now-a-days with the rise of social media platforms the is a trend towards ‘Micr0blogging’ and many of these minutely worded blogs tend to be image driven-with a basic caption narrating the visual. I feel that this is the operating basis of ‘Instagram’.


Pinterest –  ‘Pinterest’ has capitalised on our image-driven society by allowing users to ‘collect’ attractive visuals as ‘virtual pins’ to a ‘virtual boards’ and share it with followers. Many of my creative idols have a ‘Pinterest’ account and have created ‘boards’  with ‘pins’ showcasing their artistic endeavours. These ‘pins’ are also linked to their original source site that increases ‘Click Through Rates’ to the artists’ website/s.


Other Networking/ Blogging Websites to look out for :

Society6  & Etsy

society6homemeta etsy-logo

N-G logo

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