'Tracy' Custom typeface variant two

Class Blog No.2 – Typography WIP

Currently I’m in the middle of refining a number of my personal branding/ logotype for a class assessment. For this assessment I created my own custom, hand-rendered typeface.

One of the logo variation I developed in the last few weeks were inspired by neon light signages from my childhood visits to Hong Kong:

For this particular design I wanted to experiment with presenting my logo in an ‘un-logo like way’ (ie. fluro, gradient colours, aesthetic-driven and slightly unreadable). However, my first round of feedback suggested that the ‘interesting’ logo representation was ‘fun’ but perhaps a little too experimental and risky especially for a CMYK print format. Another point that my peers made was that this logo design had a strong 80s/90s theme to it. Fearing that the neon logo design may be too themed and conceptually contained I decided to pare back the design a fair bit.

After going back to the drawing board I found another round of inspirations:

Both the ’25th AGIDEAS International Design Forum’ logo (above left) and Alex Trochuts typography work for the 2011 ”Simple Tipographica’ exhibition in Venezuala (above right) inspired my next round of logotype design. Below are my two other variations of my logotype:

Although my designs are very minimal in comparison to the above mentioned inspirations, the black/white tonal palette and plain vector lines produced a naturally strong and clean finish. I also factored in how this particular design could more easily translate across to different printing formats and mediums. Hence, I am happier with this design.

©Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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