Class Blog No. 3 – Magazine spread

This semester for our Diploma of Graphic Design course we will be producing a body of creative works for our first exhibition. One of the deliverables that us students are working on is a 2 page magazine spread.

I am designing my spread for a hypothetical music-culture magazine inspired by both Hong Kong-based Design/ Creative magazine ‘IDN‘ and German-based creative-lifestyle magazine ‘Indie‘.

Below are a number of my mockups that I’ve whipped up in Adobe Illustrator and it features some of my custom Album Cover artworks:

‘Spread 1’

'Spread 1 - conservative layout' by Tracy Ning

In my first mockup I  chose to design a relatively simple layout but with vertically running sub-headings to give it a creative edge. 

‘Spread 2’

'Spread 2' by Tracy Ning

In my second mockup I explored further into the placement and orientation of type presentation within a layout.

‘Spread 3 – Version 1’

'Spread 3 - version 1' by Tracy Ning

In this version of my third mockup I included some visual elements to determine the readability of the text. 

‘Spread 3 – Version 2’

Spread 3 - version 2' by Tracy Ning

Version 2 shows a little more refinement of my first version.

‘Spread 4’

'Spread 4' by Tracy Ning

In my final mockup I decided to throw most page layout templates out of the way. I didn’t consider using margins, regular paragraph alignment and readability wasn’t really factored in. Now-a-days I’m finding magazines are pushing the limits of regular editorial design layouts.

Fonts used: Anurati by Emmeran Richard and Avenir.

©Tracy Ning. All rights reserved.


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