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Class Blog No.6 – ‘XX vs. XY’

I have been working on a digital-photomontage series (collage made from photographs) to present at our Diploma of Graphic Design Exhibition. Initially, the brief was to captures 8 images and then design an effective photo layout to display them in. However, I decided to twist the brief a little bit. Although I have shot 8 photos and edited them in Adobe Lightroom/ Photoshop,  I have collaged-it (if that is even a word).

I am utilising both analogue and digital techniques/ mediums to produce this series. One of my exhibiting pieces is a music and lifestyle magazine ‘MECCA MAGAZINE’, so I wanted to create posters that were reminiscent of the 90s mixed media scrappy music scene.

I would’ve loved to have gone a bit further by incorporating more imageries and textures into the pieces, however I was concerned that the ‘visual artsy-style’ may chase away some of my more Design-y peers and lecturers. Additionally, for me, collaging never ends and I could spend 100 years just gluing and tearing apart the same work endlessly. This time around I stayed with only 8 primary images and only a handful of illustrations to boot.

The overriding theme of ‘XX vs. XY’ is the deconstruction of social-gender portrayals especially of the physio-biological form. The mixed-media texture is to add another visual dimension to the experience whereby I’m also attempting to overstimulate the audiences visual senses. In the end we only observe what we want and what we want in others, so why don’t we just question what people are looking for and/ or looking at by giving them too much to look at.

© Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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