Exhibition Setup Day

Class Blog No.7 – Exhibition Setup Day

It has been nearly two months since we students started to create a body of creative work for our Diploma of Graphic Design exhibition. Finally, we are in the final stages of completing our projects! Today was ‘Day 1’ of setting up for our exhibition.

Exhibition Setup Day
I was amongst 4 students to exhibit on a standalone plinth while my other peers were along the walls.

Although brainstorming and then delivering a body of work was strenuous enough, I didn’t realise how equally strenuous it was to organise the layout of those work in a harmonious and balanced manner. A technical issue also arose from the physical ‘hanging’ of the works.

For some bizarre reason I thought that ‘hammering nails’ into a plinth was going to be an easy task! As a matter of fact the type of wood that the plinths are made out of is quite hard and the nails that the students had access to were quite soft and thin. In the above right picture, I managed to hammer two nails into my plinth to hang my ‘MECCA MAGAZINE’ on, however it was bent and warped out of place. Velcro definitely worked a lot better, however, this situation also started to limit the amount of options I had for arranging my works.

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In the end I managed to rework the overall arrangement – presentation of my projects onto the plinth, however we have at least another day and a half to finalise our displays. Hopefully, I’ll get better at it by then.

This experience also made me realise how much of a ‘Moment of Truth’ it was to finally see my work as a whole on display. I spent a significant amount of time on each project but forgot how important it was for them to maintain a sense of cohesion with one another. I also did not realise how much, as a class, we had to work together to get the job done. From the little things such as aligning visual elements with spirit levels to get nailing works onto the wall to making sure none of our works are interfering with each others’ display spaces. I think I did well to wait until most people finished hanging their exhibition pieces and for them to go home, before I took advantage of the peace and quiet to finish my hanging.

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