Class Blog No.9 – 3D Motion Graphics (cont.)

A few weeks ago I started teaching myself how to use Maxon Cinema 4D and I covered that in my an earlier post here. Since then I’ve been consistently producing at least one output per week with the software. I am slowly progressing from static 3D images to more lively animated works, although I haven’t really managed to create one that exceeds 12 seconds long due to hardware limitations.

Below are a number of motion – animation works that I am quite proud of. I’ve included links to where you can view them too:

‘Platonic Love’ – on MyPortfolio and YouTube

Duration: 12 Seconds

Production Time:  7 days in excess of 35 hours 

Additional software: Motion 5
Platonic Love C4d by Tracy Ng

‘Ribbon Dance’ – on MyPortfolio and YouTube

Duration: 5 Seconds

Production Time:  6 – 8 hours
Ribbon Dance by Tracy Ng

‘Something Sweet (Eat Me)’ – on MyPortfolio and YouTube.

Duration: 3 Seconds

Production Time: 4 days in excess of 25 – 30 hours.
Something Sweet (Eat Me) By Tracy Ng

C4D is actually surprisingly easy to use, I think the two biggest challenges were getting used to the interface and understanding the technical jargons/ terminologies that comes with 3D modelling and rendering. The software itself is actually more calibrated for graphic designers who are not especially 3D inclined but would like to incorporate more of those visual elements into their works. Although having said that, C4D is highly versatile and more than capable of producing large-scale motion – animation works too. Additionally, Maxon has configured the software to be Adobe software literate (ie. plug-ins, output formats etc) meaning there is more room for creativity. Yes, there are existing softwares in the market that are more powerful than C4D, it all really depends on the user whether you are more of an industrial designer, game developer or animator.

There is a free-student licensing version on Maxon’s website and I totally recommend it to anyone who is wanting to get introduced to the world of 3D graphics. Please note that with the student license users CANNOT produce works for commercial use, more details are on their website.

© Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.




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