Class Blog No. 10 – Type Research

This term we will be focusing a fair bit on typography and type layout. Earlier in the year I experimented with creating my own personal logotype here. I found that Typography, similar to Coding, requires nearly an entirely different brain to learn and produce works with. Although for our course we are not necessarily required to produce our own typographic work as an assessment item, it is important for us to learn how to layout and pair type in the most effective and functional way (type sensibilities).

The primary function of type is to be readable, however, I chanced upon an article in  ‘Id Pure’ magazine that featured a French graphic and type designer Benoit Bodhuin who exhibited a typographic work that did the complete opposite:

Benoit Bodhuin affiche


In Bodhuin’s 2013 exhibition ‘La typo, c’est sérieux !’ (Typography, this is serious!) he produced and featured a series of type works that were intentionally illegible. He wanted the readers to become viewers and focus on the expressive nature of the writing rather than the functionality of it. Bodhuin also composed his type in a manner that was unreadable too playing with scale, type orientation and even the canvas to which the type worked on.

I really like the experimental and conceptual nature of this particular typographic work by Bodhuin. I feel that understanding how ‘NOT’ to create a type work is just as important as understand how ‘TO’ create a type work. It actually puts a lot of the type design concepts into perspective for me. It also goes to show that regardless of the discipline you come from in the creative field, the basic design principles is essential to approaching any piece of work (ie. balance, scale, hues, tones, pattern etc).


Benoit Bodhuin actually studied mathematics and took a short course in graphic design. He works mostly in the field of corporate branding/ identity, publishing, typography and web-design (ID Pure 2014, p. 34) . You can purchase some of Bodhuin’s fonts on ‘MyFonts’.


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