Tracy MicFest Revised Concept - Mockup

Class Blog No.13 – ‘MicFest’ Update

The last time I left off I submitted 3 poster design concepts to the ‘MicFest’ Committee, an event hosted by the music students to showcase their music production works and performances.

The committee were attracted to ‘Concept #3’:

Tracy MicFest 3 Poster
Tracy MicFest 3 Poster

The committee thought this design was most ‘intriguing’ and ‘bright’ compared to my earlier concepts. The amount of space available to compose the text in is very important to them and was praised. The feedback also suggests that the design may be improved upon by incorporating more visual motifs relating to music and performance, as this may not be inherent enough in the initial work.

There was a concern, though, that the letters arranged around the feature artwork may become hard to read or the branding lost within it. The event doesn’t have an existing logo hence it is important to be able to brand the event in a distinct and marketable way.

Finally the general colour palette of the poster suggested more of a ‘Day Time’ feel. The committee suggested using a darker tone for the background to attain a ‘Night Time’ quality as most the event is mostly organised around the evening.

‘MicFest’ Revised Concept

Responding to the feedback I reworked the design:

Tracy MicFest Revised Concept
Tracy MicFest Revised Concept

In response to the feedback I incorporated more music and music-centric visual motifs into the feature artwork. Although, I achieved a more musical-vibe, the collage’s organic composition made it difficult for type to sit harmoniously with it. Previously, in ‘Concept #3’ I arranged some of my type over the artwork. However, the word became cluttered and lost in the initial design. In this concept, I offset the artwork from the middle of the poster to freeup more space so that I can sit the name ‘MicFest’ neatly above it. The additional space allowed me to organise my visual hierarchy more effectively. I also encouraged the readability of the event’s name by increasing the size and choosing a ‘bold’ style for it.

My earlier concept contained an even green coloured background. It was suggested that the lighter hue contained a ‘Day Time’ feel that contrasted to ‘MicFest’s’ largely evening activities. Initially I decided to do an even darker green background, however I felt it was visually more stimulating to have a gradient instead.

The refined design retains it’s vibrancy and energetic vibe but with a musical focus. The overall type composition is well balanced and the increased spaces gives the busy visual room to breathe.

‘MicFest’ Revised Concept

I also submitted a mockup of how the poster would look like in an outdoor setting. I feel that the poster design is quite attention grabbing with it’s vibrant visuals and colour. The type in particular held up well and actually is quite easy to read. Perhaps I may have to tweak the type layout and the type’s colour a little more but for now, we will be waiting for another round of feedback from the’ MicFest Committee’.

Tracy MicFest Revised Concept - Mockup
Tracy MicFest Revised Concept – Mockup

Additional to requesting promotional collateral for the event, the committee is also seeking marketing and branding components too. Whoever the lucky graphic design student’s poster gets selected will have their work cut out for them. Good luck to everybody!!

©Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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