ico_D_endorsed_2017_Taiwan International Graphic Design Award

Class Blog No.15 – Graphic Design Competitions

What better way to buildup my portfolio then by joining a Graphic Design competition. Although I am currently doing that with completing school works/ assessments, I thought a competition would add another dimension to my body of works that is outside the premise of my studies. I will cover three competitions that I am considering or have considered participating in.

‘Taiwan International Graphic Design Award 2017’ (TIGDA 2017)

One of the website sources I frequent from time to time is the ‘International Council of Design’ or ‘ico-D’. They are an international organisation that represent, advocate and facilitate opportunities for collaboration amongst the global creative-design community. One of the competitions they endorsed is the annual TIGDA.

ico_D_endorsed_2017_Taiwan International Graphic Design Award
ico_D_endorsed_2017_Taiwan International Graphic Design Award

TIGDA invites all individuals and/ or institutes from all regions and countries to participate. There are two main categories you can submit works to; 1) Taiwan Internationals Poster Design Award and 2) Taiwan International CI (Corporate Identity) Design Award. Winners will be able to have their works archived and exhibited at the ‘Tung Fang Design Institute-Shigeo Fukuda Design Museum. I considered entering into this competition because I would like to work in Taiwan one day and perhaps joining this competition may provide me an insight into what that may entail. Taipei, especially in the last 5-10 years, has produced some of the highest standard of innovative design works from the region of far East Asia (from what I’ve researched thus far). One of the creatives I follow on ‘Behance’ is Taiwanese designer ‘Ken-Tsai Lee’, in particularly, his branding/ visual identity works.

In the end, I decided against participating in this competition because I realised that it is actually more tailored to the professional and established designers. They do have a ‘student’ registration form but the TIGDA is definitely orientated towards the ‘heavy-hitters’ in the design market right now.

‘Digital Decade: 5 Cyberia’ in collaboration with ‘Ello – The Creatives Network’

The next competition I came across was something a little bit more suitable for ‘that creative freelancer’. I’m currently on ‘Ello’, an online networking platform for creatives, and the site has been promoting a competition called ‘Digital Decade 5: Cyberia’.

“Digital Decade 5: Cyberia” on Ello
“Digital Decade 5: Cyberia” on Ello

Participants are to produce a textless artwork that embodies the themes of ‘Cyberia’, digital age and Gen Z (as defined on the website). Artworks must be submitted through the ‘Ello’ platform with a number of prescribed ‘tags’ and ‘hashtags’. The top 10 winning entries will have their works exhibited for 4 days at the ‘Ugly Duck’ mixed-use warehouse in London.

The competition consists of a less regimented procedure and works that are currently submitted are opened to be viewed by others on ‘Ello’. The attractive-ness of this is the transparency amongst how the competition is organised. The type of artworks submitted are also more to my aesthetics and artistic approach. However, this competition is definitely something nice as a ‘side-hustle’ to build up on an existing portfolio of works. I had more in mind to produce works that were more ‘design-y’. So I moved on.

Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2017: Opportunity (TISDC)

Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2017
Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2017

Here is another Taiwan-based and initiated competition but it is specifically for students. It has a very similar format and procedure as TIGDA, however, the difference is the eligibility of the participants. All must be a current or newly graduated graphic/ creative design student under 30 years of age. This year TISDC’s theme is ‘Opportunity’.

There are 4 different categories to submit works to; Product Design, Visual Design, Digital Animation and Brand Specified. All works most express the theme of ‘Opportunity’,  and associated themes include ‘Global Challenge’ and ‘Design Opportunity’.

I have officially registered to join the competition and am in the middle of creating works to be submitted into the ‘Visual Design’ category. The great ‘thing’ about TISDC is that they have an online database with previous years’ publications of winners and finalists. This is great reference materials for me to see potentially what content and standards are submitted.

WATCH THIS SPACE!!! I’ll keep updating on what works I’m planning to submit for this comp.

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