Red 1 Blog Cover image by Tracy Ng


This is a personal photography series featuring garden variety flowers. These works metaphorically details the beauty and struggles between ‘Life’ and ‘Death’.

A few years ago I went through a phase attempting to grow my own garden of flowers and plants from scratch. However, due to my lack of experience and persistence the project proved to be a ‘dud’. Here is the link to my first trial. Despite feeling guilty from this ordeal I ended up appreciating the auto-mechanism that is nature. Regardless of how much or little attention I gave my plants, they all had one instinct that was embedded in its DNA. That was/ is to live and grow. Now matter the health of the plant, it just wouldn’t give up, not until the last of its fibres ‘gave way’. This in itself is a beautiful thing. I decided to capture the essence of ‘Life’ giving way to ‘Death’ and vice versa in these fleeting moments.

Red 1 by Tracy Ng

Red 3 by Tracy Ng

Red 2 by Tracy Ng

For more similar works check out my website and Instagram.

©Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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