Tubbz-Lytbier (Colour) by Tracy Ng

Tubbz Lytbier – To Enmity and Beyond!

A few months ago I was sketching out a self-portrait just for fun. The initial drawing was titled ‘Farewell Planet Earth…’ and was produced with ink pen in an A5 booklet. I revisited the illustration not too long ago just to revamp it more because of it’s interesting visual narration. I decided to also give my little astronaut a new name as well, ‘Tubbz Lytbier’ and his favourite quote is ‘To Enmity and Beyond!’.

I guess the back story to ‘Tubbz Lytbier’ is that he is a rogue astronaut struggling to pay rent so he continuously travels to different planets and solar systems to avoid debt repayments. ‘Lytbier’ is also, inadvertently, always low in Cosmos Dollars so isn’t always able to maintain his traveling gears. Yet, he somehow still have dollars to purchase non-filtered menthol cigarettes. First World Problems!

Tubbz-Lytbier (Colour) by Tracy Ng
Tubbz-Lytbier (Colour) by Tracy Ng
Tubbz-Lytbier (colour overlay) by Tracy Ng
Tubbz-Lytbier (colour overlay) by Tracy Ng

I did most of the colouring, painting and editing with the Photoshop software and am quite happy with the results. I included a grey-blue colour overlay version of ‘Lytbier’ just to see how it looked’.

Farewell ‘Tubbz Lytbier’, until we see again!!!!

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© Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.





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