MOD Thread design by Tracy

MOD Thread Submission

So I have an account with ‘Ello’, a creative networking site, and they frequently promote collaboration projects/ competition for their members to submit artworks/ designs for. Many of the competition assist creatives with providing another platform to promote their original works (ie. zine submissions, t-shirt print designs etc).

This time Ello has teamed up with ‘Mod Thread’ an online-based t-shirt printing company. Essentially, artists who have created an account with ‘Mod Thread’ are able to upload their designs/ artworks online and have them printed by the company for buyers as they order. The competition/ submission name is ‘MOD Thread Artist Capsule’ is here, but only if you have an ‘Ello’ Account.

I have recently submitted a design to the competition and have been notified that I’m a finalist. Here is my design:

MOD Thread design by Tracy

MOD Thread design by Tracy

This design was actually ‘something’ I made earlier in the year titled ‘Aesthetic 8 Wallpaper’ and I covered this topic in my February post here. I haven’t played around with repeat patterns before but managed to whip this one up quite quickly in Photoshop. Overall a fun design.

You can check out more of my works on my website and Instagram feed.

© Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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