My first industry talk!

I did something exciting earlier in the week and that was to share some of my freelancing experience with a group of  final year Advanced Diploma students in  the Graphic Design course at the Canberra Institute of Technology. I am also a recent graduate from the institute and feel ecstatic that I could give back a little to my lecturers and peers.

When I first volunteered to make a time to come see the final year students I was aware that I have neither freelanced for very long nor have completed a lot of client works. However, I felt that I had the advantage of being able to provide the most accurate snapshot of my final year of advanced diploma studies with those students who are now undertaking the same path.


I presented to the final year students a client project of mine that was discontinued. I talked a lot about how well the project started off but then how it slowly turned pear-shaped. I also included how I may have misjudged a situation which eventually led to a series client-designer interactions that couldn’t move the project forward. I truly feel that lots of speakers talk about how great their works are or how well they’ve worked with a client, in detail. However, many become quite shy in going into the explanation on projects that they’ve worked on that never worked out. I think being able to share these experiences are just as important because getting into a ‘sticky’ situation is one thing, but managing that and trying to find a way to solve it is another.

In the talk I also covered how I balanced completing school tasks and completing a series of client works around the same time. I assured the students that in the final 6 months of Advanced Diploma they will be picking up subjects that allowed flexibility for them to integrate external client projects as submissions for their assessments. That means any projects external from the school that has relevance to the course content can contribute to their study requirements (if approved by respective lecturers of course).

Overall, I hope that I was able to get some of the final year students thinking more about their long-term plans after their studies. On a final note:


Stay tuned for updates!

You can check out more of my works on my website and Instagram feed.

© Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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