App redesign by Tracy

Hi-Fi App Prototype – UC Mobile App

This was a university assignment issued by my ‘User Interface & User Experience’ unit at the University of Canberra (UC), Australia. The brief was to design an app that assisted in reducing the attrition and non-completion rate of first year university students at UC by identifying a problem to solve.

In my research I identified that common challenges faced by mature-age first year students (through a series of interviews) were having to re-learn a significant amount of basic academic research and writing techniques they hadn’t used in years. The actual utilising of those resources proved to be an ongoing frustrating experience. This was due, in part, to the lack of ‘easy to find’ learning contents in a centralised location.

The design solution that I proposed was to integrate existing university app/s (mobile) and content into a streamlined virtual infrastructure. Essentially, a dedicated hub to assist in filling knowledge gaps and enhance skills that is relevant to the said target market. In this project my proposed design solution was to actually redesign the UC Mobile App interface. My rationale was that existing resources are readily available for students, what I am doing is making sure those content are more easily found and intuitively located on the mobile app interface.

My hi-fi Prototype link here.

You can find out more about this project on my website and follow me on Instagram .

Final Presentation



Branding, Visual Aesthetics and Collateral

A significant part of my UC Mobile App redesign is to ensure that my hi-fi prototype is aligned to the branding and presentation of the original mobile app. Although, the actually branding guide for UC was not available for this assignment-brief, there were plenty of existing web branded collaterals I could reference. Below are screenshot images of my current student mobile interface of the UC Mobile App and also the UC website.

Website components4

App redesign resources

Additional Visual Components



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