BTH letter head2 by Tracy Ng (mockups from

BTH – Logo and collateral

I had an old friend who contacted me requesting logo and branding collateral for a company he is in the middle of starting up. Ultimately, for this brief I was only given a handful of keywords to develop a basic branding vibe for him; elegant, professional, contemporary and ‘no fuss’. The rest of the design/visuals elements were determined by myself.

It took me approximately one week to come up with 3 concepts to submit to my friend. After the revision session, it took me another week for me to refine the concept he had chosen. However, this project is still ongoing and I can only share one logo and branding concept from a total of three at this point in time.


In this project I decided to create a logotype rather than designing something that incorporated any imagery. I also feel  that logotypes tend to hold up a little better over time too. This design choice also meant that the font will be the main visual driver of the logo and brand. I played around with a series of fonts that were similar to Garamond but thought the serif style came across as quite old. It wasn’t very long until I decided to go with Optima.

Optima is quite a popular font that many high-end brands base their logos off of including Estee Lauder the perfume and cosmetic company. Originally, it was developed to be used as a display font and a near sans serif version of Times New Roman. It is elegant and worked well both for Headings and for body text.


Concept #2

This concept, although was not chosen by my friend, has a contemporary look that is minimally presented, in other words ‘no fuss’. Below are my digital sketches and final mockups for this concept:

BTH Enterprises concept 2 by Tracy Ng

BTH biz cards by Tracy (mockups from
BTH biz cards by Tracy (mockups from
BTH letter head by Tracy Ng (mockups from
BTH letter head by Tracy Ng (mockups from
BTH letter head2 by Tracy Ng (mockups from
BTH letter head2 by Tracy Ng (mockups from


This particular brief was fairly unstructured but I based many of my design choices on the personality of my friend who is of a much senior age than me. I had the opportunity to catch-up with him over the phone to determine his tone on this project and come up with some visual directions with him on the spot. In the end he didn’t want any elements to detract from the name of his company. Hence the minimal and clean presentation of the concepts I submitted.

Quite often I find that a lot of start-ups and small businesses utilise my services because of my quick turn around time. Most also need a very basic organisational identity in order to move forward with a project at a short notice, so I seem to always find myself working on ‘rush orders’. That in itself is very fun and challenging.

You can find out more about this project on my website and follow me on Instagram .

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