Tracy-mum-biz-mockup by Tracy

Cards for La Madre – WIP 4

— Previous Blog post here — Ongoing Project — Stay tuned for updates too! —

Recap of the brief as per the Madre – The card should be ‘elegant’  but without being ‘dated’ or ‘old fashioned. Additionally, either a simple ‘MN’ or just her name ‘Misty’ displayed the back.

In my previous post I shared three card concepts that I had shown to my mother. She decided on Concept 2 (see below):

Tracy's Mum's cards 2 by Tracy

Initially, I designed a monogram that was simple because the custom illustration alone is quite detailed and some-what complex. I ensured that the minimal type and illustration had plenty of space surrounding it, to give the design a clean look. Upon feedback, my mother decided to have her card with her English name ‘Misty’ instead.


In this part of the process,  I suddenly realised how tricky it was to pair a decorative & curvy font with an equally curvy & organic illustration. The logotype became very difficult to read if it was too close to the flower. However, if the logotype was a little too far from the flower the design looked like it had 2 different components placed awkwardly together.  Below were the initial revisions:


In the end I invited my mother to be my hovering studio manager to help finalise the design…in real-time and this is what we came up with:


Tracy's-mum-cards_03_Page_06 by Tracy

Tracy's_mum_cards_Front by Tracy

As of yesterday evening I have put this design through to print and we can’t wait to share the real thing soon too!

Tracy-mum-biz-mockup by Tracy

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