DADA mockup4.1 by Tracy

DADA Ceramic & Fibre Arts

My Slovakian friend Dagmar and I first met working in the hotel industry years ago. She is a pastry chef by trade and makes beautiful sweets, pastries and all things yummy. Fast forward to today, she is pursuing another passion of her’s in the field of ceramic & fibre arts. She is currently taking commissions and producing her own handmade range of tableware & dishware.

Dagmar asked me whether I could finish-off a logo for her and design her business card. I said ‘Yeh, why not?’. In this project the client, actually had sketched out solid concepts for her practice’s logo. In my part, all I had to do was to translate her logo sketches into their digital form. It took a bit of time to determine the logo’s visual style and presentation of her brand, but we kept it simple.

You can find out more about this project on my website and follow me on Instagram .

DADALR-3 by Tracy

DADALR-1 by Tracy

DADALR-2 by Tracy

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