'Dreaming 1' printed on shirt by Tracy

Linocut Block Printing WIP 1

So it is the long weekend here and I thought I’d work on something I’ve never done before. Linocut block printing. There is this old pen illustration artwork I made a few year’s back for a screen printing class. Now I’m just repurposing it slightly for block printing. This particular artwork took me approximately a total of 16 hours to carve out. In this little project I created my first lot of process videos just for personal reference. I have uploaded the videos onto YouTube and have it as ‘Unlisted’ so I hope they don’t take it down because I have some other people’s music playing in the background.


  • Derivan Block paint
  • Ezy carve block prints
  • Lino carving tools
  • Pencil
  • Rubber paint roller
  • Plain white shirt (I found organic ones from the store)
'Dreaming 1' printed on shirt by Tracy
‘Dreaming 1’ printed on shirt by Tracy


Test printing on paper
Test printing on paper with block

87509661_926188391133896_4053456534712090624_n     Image of process - trimming


Mini process videos

To be continued…

You can find out more of my works on my website and follow me on Instagram .


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