shirts galore

Linocut Block Printing WIP 4

This Easter long weekend I am keeping busy with printing shirts for a few friends of mine. I recently posted a shirt featuring a newly carved heart block stencil:

small tits, big black heart by Tracy
small tits, big black heart by Tracy (hand pressed without a hammer)


  • Speedball Fabric and Paper Block Printing Ink
  • Linoleum block
  • Lino carving tools
  • Pencil
  • Hard rubber brayer
  • Plain white shirt

I learnt something new over the past week regarding the transfering of ink onto material. I stumbled across a video online that featured a gentlemen using a hammer to tap his inky lino blocks onto his custom shirts in order to transfer the ink as evenly as possible. Hand pressing your stencils without a hammer onto shirts is fine, however, I couldn’t do it so that enough ink would transfer from my block and onto my shirts.

Ideally a printmaking press is the best for this however they cost a lot of $$$ and most are for etching/ paper printing. Tapping example below:

shirts galore

Hammer time by Tracy  Hammer time by Tracy

Future online shop – Big Cartel

A few year’s ago I created an account with Big Cartel however I had never finished setting up my shopfront. Back then I neither created enough products to sell nor did Big Cartel allow shop holders to link their paypal account to the platform. We had to arrange for a 3rd party plug-in that costed quite a lot of money especially if I wasn’t even trying to break even with my forcasted sales.

Anyways, once I have established a formal system acquiring stock, producing the shirts and delivering/ posting them then I will promote it.

To be continued…

You can find out more of my works on my website and follow me on Instagram .



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