Posca Polaroid

I had been block printing for the last few months and for my test prints I have been drawing over them with a white Posca marker to help sketch out cleaner lines and finisings. I didn’t realise that Posca markers were great for drawing over a multitude of textured surfaces. I read somewhere that they have roots in graffiti and outdoor mural artworks. I spent the last weekend just buying more and mucking around with my new markers.

Posca markers are quite heavy and wet so I used rough a cartridge paper to start but it started to peel because of the runny ink. I moved onto using watercolour paper which was better but didn’t didn’t prevent the paper from peeling. What helped was colouring a small area of the paper at a time.


I decided to draw polaroid pictures (which has been trending for a while online). I thought it would be fun to draw what I usually eat in a week.

I don’t have a picture of any of my beloveds so I decided to draw my ideal waifu…here she is and she is always happy to see me…

I have a mood wall in my room and it is made up of a twining string tied to 2 dressmakers pins hammered into the wall. Every few weeks I would change up the artworks that I hang on the string (depending on the theme of my mood at the time).

You can find out more of my works on my website and follow me on Instagram .

©Tracy Ng. All rights reserved.


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