Dried flowers

Earlier in the year I was doing a little bit of cleaning and found some of my old dried flowers hiding in my room. I was saving these flowers for a flower casting project that never happened…so thought to use them for this little project instead. I spent about a fortnight buying photo frames and working out how to frame the flowers. My biggest concerns were that I didn’t have a lot of dried flowers to play around with and the flowers were also small petal varieties which tore easily when handled too much. Anyways, I had some fun making these framed dried flowers. Have a look.

Materials used: Canson watercolour 185 gsm paper (I just used this paper stock because I already had it at my disposal), X-press It Clear Gel Glue (water based, acid free, non toxic, fast drying), dried flowers and varying sized picture frames.

I used to do a bit of graphic design work so if you were curious you can view my portfolio website . My pet rock has an Instagram account.


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