Excite-cover-concepts-test by Tracy

Excite #1 – CITSA Student Magazine

So I have been working as a graduate junior graphic designer for 4 months now at the Canberra Institute of Technology Student Association (CITSA). ‘Excite’ was one of the bigger projects that our team have completed so far this year. The student magazine actually stopped printing over 10 years ago…until my manager proposed to resurrect it! 

We had to start this project nearly from scratch because no collateral other than physically printed old copies of the previous Excite were available. This also gave us a lot of creative freedom and gave me the opportunity to complete a lot of ‘design’ collateral for the magazine/

The circulation of this publication has begun and is available only on CIT campuses across Canberra, Australia. Excite is a quarterly publication released at the beginning of each term. The next issue will be released in early July of this year.

You can download your digital copy of Excite #1/2018 here.

You can find out more about this project on my website and follow me on Instagram .


Excite #1 – Final presentation

 Excite-1-test by CITSA + Tracy
Excite-2-test by CITSA + Tracy
Excite-3-test by CITSA + Tracy

Logo and masthead concepts

Excite-cover-concepts-test by Tracy

Two page spread concepts

Excite-spread-concepts-test by CITSA + Tracy


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