Tracy's Mum's Cards mockup

Cards for La Madre – WIP 3

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In my previous post I covered my process of choosing the colour palette, font and the shape of my mother’s cards. In this post I will be sharing some concepts based on the moodboards I developed for my mother to choose from.

Recap of the brief as per the Madre – The card should be ‘elegant’  but without being ‘dated’ or ‘old fashioned. Additionally, either a simple ‘MN’ or just her name ‘Misty’ displayed the back.

Card Shape & Font Choice

In the previous post I mentioned that I wanted to print the cards via InkTank and ordered card samples from them just before the last Christmas holidays. My mother was very drawn to the cards with the curved corners, as seen below from their website:


The shape of the cards actually influenced the way I chose the font. Since there will be a distinctive curve at the corners of the cards, I also wanted to find a serif typeface that was more curvy to complement it. This may also accentuate the ‘elegant’ and ‘feminine’ qualities that my mother wants. Below were earlier font choices I played around with before purchasing Giaza Pro by Anthony James Typography :

Font moodboard by Tracy
Font moodboard by Tracy
Giaza Pro by Anthony James. Source:
Giaza Pro by Anthony James Typography. Source:

I chose Giaza Pro because, to me, the ‘bulb’ shaped ends of the letters (ie. terminal, tail, descenders) reminded me of drooping flower petals or dew drops. It also looked reminescent of the Art Deco era style fonts, which I felt was quite feminine too.


After a series of backwards and forwards with my mother presented a total of 3 concepts & variations to her. Below are some of the results:

Concept 1

Feature: Plain black & white, Giaza Pro font

Tracy's Mum's cards 1 by Tracy

Tracy's Mum's cards 1 by Tracy

Concept 2

Feature: Organic shapes, block colors, Giaza Pro

Tracy's Mum's cards 2 by Tracy

Tracy's Mum's cards 2 by Tracy

Concept 3

Feature: Plain black and white, amorphic flower petals, Giaza Pro, Zefani Stencil (font)

Tracy's Mum's cards 3 by Tracy

Tracy's Mum's cards 3 by Tracy


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