Final illustration by Tracy

Cards For La Madre – WIP 2

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In my previous post I covered that I produced a custom illustration piece, featuring a flower, for my mother’s contact cards. I spent a little over 2 hours completing the drawing before scanning it into the computer. Below is an image of the flower via camera phone quality:

Final illustration by Tracy
Final illustration by Tracy

In her brief she stated that she wanted her cards to be  ‘elegant’  but without being ‘dated’ or ‘old fashioned. Additionally, she wanted a simple ‘MN’ or just her name ‘Misty’ on the back. The next step for me was to decipher what colour palette and font choices would be most suitable to achieve this vibe. Finally, I needed to figure out what finish or cool print features we wanted on the cards too. I decided to potentially print with InkTank. The few days before Christmas my boss actually shared some of their print samples with me and I really liked the variety of materials that InkTank used for their cards.


The colour palette was influenced by two main sources:

  • Dulux Colour Forecast  –  I think we have moved on from pastel colours and entering into more mature colour palettes.

Colour palette moodboard by Tracy

Ultimately, the main colour considerations were that they would be for printing on paper. I selected a series of Pantone colours and also CMYK equivalent of them too.


Regarding the font, I worked on finding modern serifs that could work as nice decorative monogram. That also meant that I needed to pair the decorative font with a more functional and minimal one to ensure balance and harmony between the design elements.

My main references included a booklet by Fontsmith, which I don’t have a web reference to, but also the following:

Font moodboard by Tracy

Before I decided on a font I went through downloading free samples to play with. It was really tricky because some decorative fonts, although have an elegant vibe, may also be borderline overdone.


The shape of the contact card actually influenced the way the font will be presented too. The InkTank sample pack also contained card shapes that were curved at the corners. Hence, the modern serif style font I’m looking for should be quite curvey and feminine:


You can find out more of my works on my website and follow me on Instagram .

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