Peaches & Louis printed on shirt by Tracy

Linocut Block Printing WIP 2

Last weekend I carved out my very first rubber block stencil for printing on shirts. This weekend I carved my second block stencil. It features a couple of cats called Peaches & Louis. Peaches & Louis was originally a pencil illustration of 2 gay cats that I drew and gave to my sister a few years back. This time I translated the pencil illustration into a block stencil for printing. It took me a total of 6 hours to carve, compared the 16 hours for my first stencil.

I printed the the artwork on a plain white shirt for my sister before a friend of mine messaged me wanting one as well. Of course I obliged.


  • Permaset Aqua Jet Black paint (actually made for screen printing)
  • Ezy carve block prints (rubber block)
  • Lino carving tools
  • Pencil
  • Sponge paint roller
  • Plain white shirt (I found organic ones from the store)

Peaches & Louis printed on shirt by Tracy


Peaches & Louis - pencil illustration vs stencil illustration Process by Tracy

The biggest dilemma I experienced during the printing process was getting used to how various printing paint and their applicators worked.

Block Paint

Block paint rolls very well with a rubber brayer but it isn’t waterproof. So my first attempts of printing on a shirt meant that the paint started to leave streak marks when the fabric came in contract with water.

Screen Printing Paint

This type of paint is waterproof but it is designed to be applied onto your materials via a squeegee not a roller. My store didn’t really stock a wider range of fabric paints so I just went with whatever  I saw on the shelves.

In this case my rubber brayer was the wrong material to use to apply paint onto my block stencil. It just wouldn’t roll-out and onto the rubber.  A sponge roller is recommended however I had to make note that the sponge’s surface texture doesn’t allow the paint to set on the stencil evenly compared to a rubber brayer.

I have ordered online Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink, that should be arriving end of month.

Mini process videos

I have uploaded some mini process videos on YouTube and have it as ‘Unlisted’ mainly because I have just music from my desktop playing in the background.

To be continued…

You can find out more of my works on my website and follow me on Instagram .


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